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Thursday, February 25th, 2021


Psora, Cutaneous Disease

!It's highly recommended to consult a doctor for diagnosis beforehand! Better cooperate with a doctor for treatment as well!


  • Pearlescent scaling and crusting, especially in the knee and elbow areas. These skin lesions can also be observed in the genital area, nails and scalp. Gray-white skin rash and crusting on the arms, legs, palms and soles of the feet
  • Pitting, thickening and yellow color formation on the nails, swelling and redness around the nail
  • Dryness, burning sensation, itching and bleeding on the skin
  • Pain, swelling and redness in the joints
  • Although the exact cause of the disease is not known, it is thought that it may develop as a result of an abnormality in the white blood cells. Inflammation occurs and the skin begins to shed.
  • The risk of psoriasis increases with the use of drugs that reduce the immune system used in some diseases such as injuries, traumas, some diseases (joint rheumatism, diseases caused by microbes, throat infection) and cancer. It may occur as a result of infections caused by especially streptococcal bacteria.
  • Apart from these, stress is an important factor. Sudden shocks, psychological disorders cause psoriasis to become worse. Some medications also play a role in the emergence or exacerbation of psoriasis. In addition, calcium deficiency and hormonal effects are thought to be effective in the formation of psoriasis.

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