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Thursday, April 8th, 2021


Greater Burnet

Family: Rosaceae

Medical Use: Heal and prevent bleeding, antinflammatory, gastrointestinal (stomach), wound healer

Parts: Herb, roots

Side effect:

  • No serious side effect in recommended dose. May cause some stomach problems in high dose

How to Use:


Heal and prevent bleeding, antiinflamatory, gastrointestinal (stomach):

Tea(infusion): 3g fine grinded dry herb, add 150ml boiled water, brew for 5min, heat again till boiling, remove from heat than brew another 10min. Filter. Drink 2-3 times daily fresh brewd.

Juice: Juice of herb and root should be consumed fresh. 3 times a day, half türkish tea spoon

gastrointestinal (chron, cholite, diarrhea, etc):

Tea(infusion): 3g fine grinded dry herb, add 300ml water in room temperature, brew 8hours. 3 times 1/3 porsion a day.

Name of herb comes from latine ‘sanguis: blood’ and ‘sorbere: absorb’. In middle age records the herb refered to be useful against bleeding, called bibernella or pimpinella can be greater burnet. In traditional Chinese medicin it is called Di Yu and used for same aims.

Fresh herb can be crushed and used as direct wound and burnt. Young shoots can be added to salats and soup