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Sunday, February 28th, 2021



Family: Cannabaceae

Medical use: Psychological disorders (stress based), bad temper, sedative, loss of appetite, insomnia, circulatory disorders, high/love blood pressure

Parts: Flower buds, leaf (rare)

Side effect:

  • No side effect in suggested dose and ways. But its seen by some people who works by harvest of hops, some effects like headache, doziness (beeing sleepy), dermatologic problems, also early mensturation by womans (estorogen)
  • Can cause dizziness and stomach disordes by high dose
  • Can cause doziness
  • By patients of diabetes type-II can increase sensitivity of insulin, decrease blood suger

Drug interactions:

  • İnteracts with sedatives and alcohol, increases effect, can make to much doziness (sleepy)


  • Acts like estrogen, if you have hormonal sensitivity, consult a doctor
  • Dont drive or use dangerous machines
  • Not recommended for children under 12 age

How to Use:


Psychological disorders (stress based), bad temper, sedative, lack of appetite:

Grinded (dusted) flower: 400mg, 2 times a day. 200mg under 18 age

Tea: 0,5g grinded flower, add 150ml boiled water, brew 15-20min, filter. 3-4 times a day

Liquid extract (1:1, %45 ethanol): 0,5-2ml, 3 times a day

Dry extract (4:1, %50 ethanol): 125mg, 3 times a day

Tincture (1:4, %50 ethanol): 1-2ml, 3 times a day

Loss of apetite:

Tea: 3g flower, add 150ml boiled water, brew 8-10min, filter. Drink between dinners

Wine: 50g flower, add 1lt white wine on it, let brew 10 days, filter. Drink between dinners 40-50ml


Grinded (dusted) flower: 1-2g, one hour before going to sleep

Tea: 0,5-1g grinded flower, add 150ml boiled water, brew 15-20min, filter. One hour before going to sleep

Dry extract (4:1): 125-250mg, one hour before going to sleep

circulatory disorders, high/love blood pressure:

Tea: 10g grinded flower, add 150ml water in room temperature, brew 8hours, filter. Heat a little before drink. 3-4 times a day

It is considered that name humulus comes from proto-persian ‘hauma-arayka’ (Osetia in Caucasian) and spread from there to middle German (hoppe, became hopfen).

It growns in west Asia, Europa and north America.

Due to folkloric belife in Germany, first added in beer to surpress over sexual-desire by mans (maybe because of estrogen-like effect caused that belief), even by King Gambrius itself (a legendary figure, which based on an ancient German King, named Gampar, lived at BC 15.century, also on the other hand includes characteristics of John the Fearless [AC 12. century] and John I the duke of Brabant [AC 11. century]). But first real record of using hops in beer brewery dated to 9. century, claims that a sister named Hildegard, lived in monastery by Bingen-Germany), was the first one who used it in beer.

It shows an anti-baterial effect, one of the reasons, why it is used to added to beer. Also it has proved that hops can kill bacillius bacteria.

Young shoots of plant can be eaten.

Content: humulone, lupulone, choline, myrcene, kolin, tanen, mirsen, methil buthenol (sedative), xanthohumol (estrogenic)